Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for the title European Capital of Culture 2027 - Azores 2027 - is coordinated by Ponta Delgada City Council in co-promotion with the Regional Government of the Azores. Thus, a technical team was assigned to develop the bid book, plus all the participation initiatives associated with this process. 

Technical team 

António Pedro Lopes is the artistic director of Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.
He was the founder and co-artistic director of Tremor, a music and arts festival that takes place on São Miguel Island, Azores, since 2014. In 2019, he co-founded FABRIC – an arts festival in Fall River, United States, and assumed its curatorship until 2021.
As a dance and theatre artist, he has performed all over the country, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. As a curator and cultural agitator, he has directed artistic festivals and events in Portugal and Europe, in the fields of contemporary dance, performing arts and music, always driven by affection, the building of a community, collaboration, the possibility of experimentation and the creation of space for the other.
He has a degree in Theatre from the University of Évora and a diploma in choreography from Forum Dança.

Carolina Pimentel is the producer and financial manager of Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.
Since 2009, she works as a cultural manager at Ponta Delgada City Council. She was a board member of two cultural associations, in Tomar and São Miguel, having then engaged in community work. She has a degree in Tourism and Cultural Management from the School of Management (ESGT) of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT). She has completed specialized studies in Heritage, Museology and Development at the University of the Azores.

Gina Ávila Macedo is the communications coordinator of Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.
For the past six years, she was a Press Officer for the Government of the Azores. In 2014, she was the communications manager of CONTEXTILE – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial (Guimarães). Communication manager, editorial manager, copywriter, content producer, radio programme editor, announcer and assistant producer are some of the professional experiences she has collected. As a journalist, she has worked in the press, in radio and digital journalism, mainly in the cultural area. She co-organized Landscapes – International Landscape Film Show, on Faial Island, in 2018. In recent years, she has been an active member of two cultural associations being Cineclube do Faial and Teatro de Giz.
She has a degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto.

Nelson Furtado is the management and finance coordinator of Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.
He oversees the entrepreneurship centre "StartUp PDL" and works as a consultant in the business support system Competir+ application.
He teaches management/economics and develops management consulting projects in company restructuring, quality, strategy and investment projects. He holds a degree in Business Management and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Contemporary Philosophy.

Nuno Costa Santos is the coordinator of audience development of Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.
He is a writer, screenwriter, director of the Azorean literary magazine Grotta and the literary event Arquipélago de Escritores; moreover, he co-founded the production company Alga Viva. He is the author of the novel Céu Nublado com Boas Abertas and writes a column in the newspaper Diário dos Açores on Azorean matters. He is one of the authors of Viagem Autonómica, a film that, based on a fictional set-up, summarizes the history of Azorean autonomy, and the television series Mal-Amanhados – Os Novos Corsários das Ilhas, which aired on RTP Açores and on RTP 1 (Portuguese TV channels). He has written several plays, including Tu de Quem És? (co-authored), on the alleged rivalries between the Azorean islands and I Don't Belong Here, about the phenomenon of deportation. He also wrote the plays É Preciso Ir Ver – Uma Viagem com Jacques Brel, Condomínio da Rua - on the condition of homelessness -, and Mundo Distante, about family and unemployment. He is the author of several biographical documentaries on Portuguese writers and was, among other things, a crew member of the Portuguese TV show Zapping and editor of O Trabalho. Additionally, he co-authored the film Discos Perdidos, about returning to the Azores in search of the records of his adolescence.

Paulo Mendes was the executive coordinator of Ponta Delgada | Azores candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027 between March and October of 2021. He was the delegated councilman for Culture in the municipality of Ponta Delgada between 2020 and 2021. He holds a degree in Sociology, a postgraduate degree in Social Sciences and is a PhD candidate in Sociology.