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Welcome to Azores 2027! 

Azores 2027 is the candidacy of Ponta Delgada for European Capital of Culture, in articulation with other municipalities and islands, and with the support of the Government of the Azores, in an inclusive and collaborative project.

Azores 2027 is a process of cultural transformation that begins in Ponta Delgada city and wants to contribute to the implementation of cultural public policies in the region of Azores, that, in turn, contribute to social and economic development.

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There are 600 kilometers between Corvo and Santa Maria. Do we know each other? Who are we? What are we doing? What heritage do we have? The elaboration of a cultural strategy for Ponta Delgada and for the Azores requires a work of mapping and gathering information.

We want this to be a participatory process, involving the community, and that is why we are counting on you. Participate!


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