Mission Statement

The main goal of Ponta Delgada -Azores 2027 is to take culture as a catalyst for transformation and development through an increasing and lasting investment in the touristic, urban and social sectors.

We want Ponta Delgada - Azores 2027 to be a mirror of The European Union. We will do so by creating a new centrality based on cultural democracy, dialogue, artistic experimentation and unity by diversity.

Ponta Delgada - Azores 2027 shall reinforce the region’s cultural identities; unite and challenge stakeholders around one project; improve regional cooperation and the region’s international attractiveness.

One common mission: Organize a European Capital of Culture, an inclusive, participative and transformative major cultural event with international visibility. 

Shared Goals

1- Promote the Azores’s cultural and artistic potential and increase its international visibility;

2- Showcase a cultural archipelagic experiment involving different communities, taking the islands as stages through an open to all, cooperative European-dimensioned cultural programme;

3- Create a movement of cultural exchange, democratic participation and mutual understanding extending a bridge to Europe and The Azorean diaspora;

4- Develop a programme that provides a clear artistic theme and framework, yet remains independent, elastic, transformable and open to suggestions;

5- Reach new audiences through new ways of participation that empower, give voice, include, produce knowledge and turn culture accessible to those who do not have access to culture.

6- Value our geography, history and heritage, a European outermost region, whose culture stems from its direct relation to nature;

7- Take art to nature and bring nature to art embracing responsibility and protection of nature, in line with the international goals of sustainable development;

8- Make space for culture at the heart of public spaces and strengthen ties of identification between society and culture;

9- Increase cultural, creative and transformative tourism in the Azores, and work towards making this increase and quality of experience permanent.