The candidacy of Ponta Delgada - Azores, has been selected for the final stage of the European Capital of Culture 2027 (ECoC). Throughout the application process we have implemented pilot projects, always in partnership with various players, putting into practice ideas of unity, cooperation and collaboration. Following a bottom-up approach, we will continue to listen to the cultural stakeholders and civil society of the 9 islands of the Azores, as well as their diaspora, in order to reinforce the strategic lines of the candidacy.

In this context, we are now launching the Archipelago of Projects, with the purpose of receiving new project ideas that may be included in the candidacy of Ponta Delgada - Azores 2027.

This call is open for all individuals, born or resident in the Azores, but also for collective and private structures that have their seat and/or activity in the region and in their diaspora, who wish to present ideas within the candidacy strategic programme lines: Archipelago of Multiplicity, Archipelago of Participation, Archipelago of Nature and Archipelago of Europe and the World. As this candidacy embraces the European dimension, we encourage projects to establish local, national and international cooperation partnerships. We are looking for projects that strengthen the cultural diversity in the Azores, promote the citizens’ participation, value the natural, tangible and intangible heritage, involve our different communities and deepen relations with Europe and the world. The call is divided into two phases:

Phase 1

from the 21th of June to the 21th of July 2022, we invite you to submit your proposals. Thus, applicants should fill in the respective form. In this phase, up to 15 ideas will be selected to be developed and expanded in order to be included in the bid book. The selection results will be communicated by email to the applicants until 23h59 on the 28th of July.

Phase 2

from the 29th of July to the 21th of August 2022, the selected proposals will proceed to a project development phase to be included in the bid book. The applicants will receive a symbolic amount of 350€ (all taxes included), upon presentation of an invoice and respective receipt, in order to transform their proposals into projects. For each applicant, there will be a working session with the candidacy team with the purpose of exchanging ideas and supporting the development of what will be the project presentation in the bid book.

Should you have any questions about the call, feel free to contact us until the 15th of July at