A collaboration between Azores 2027, Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Centre, Part’Ilha - Cultural Association for Local Development. In partnership with several institutions and cultural agents from the 9 islands of the Azores.
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9 x 9 – Artists are Islands, Islands are Artists is a pilot programme for Artists in Residency across all creative disciplines on the nine islands of the Azores and is intended for Portuguese and international artists living in Portugal in its mainland and autonomous regions. It is also appealing to artists from Latvia, who will host the European Capital of Culture event with Portugal in 2027.

This Artist in Residency programme manifested from partnerships with actors and cultural institutions from each island in the Azores and their respective city councils to welcome and integrate artists in political, scientific and social contexts. Because no artist is an island, artists can collaborate to discover innovative methods that bring knowledge, promote experimentation and present solutions to challenges faced by all sectors of society.

This programme aims to reach the most peripheral islands of the archipelago, facing barriers in accessing artistic and cultural experiences. This project guarantees creative experiences for all territories by illuminating and uniting narratives across the fragmented archipelago. It aspires to be a dynamic platform to tell new stories about the Azores.

9 x 9 intended to articulate different partners on the islands around common goals, with the following objectives: moving the experience of art to the streets, business or nature; occupying abandoned places; addressing important and contemporary European issues such as the active participation of communities in creative processes, isolation (solitude), desertification of the islands, migration due to lack of work opportunities, population ageing, the awakening and activation of material and immaterial heritage and the creation of bridges between tradition and contemporaneity.

The art residencies focus on research and artistic processes, including moments of development of audiences and awareness of communities for the arts. Therefore, the residences are anchored in the process more than in the final product and should encourage direct participation, whether through conversations, workshops, school visits or other formats proposed by the artists, and should always end with public presentations.


This open call, defined together with the actors of each island, is an invitation to artists interested in collaborating with local communities, acting as facilitators of experiences and artistic objects. “What does each island gain from the presence of an artist?” This question serves as a motto to identify how creative and cultural projects can transform a place.


Azores 2027 allocates ten days of artistic residency to nine (9) projects by nine (9) individual artists within the scope of the 9x9 – Azores Artist in Residency Pilot Programme, to be held between 30 September and 4 December 2021.

9 x 9 champions to stimulate the investigation, creation and presentation of new objects and artistic experiences, through the provision of spaces and logistical support for rehearsals and construction and elaboration of projects, in the nine islands of the Azores, for the investigation and artistic creation in the literary, performing and visual arts, as well as in their intersections —literature, theatre, dance, performance, new circus, street arts, photography, sculpture, installation, painting, architecture, video and cinema.

Nine projects from nine individual artists will be selected for development during the ten days of the art residency. The artists should include activities to approach the host communities in their proposals, accompanied by a final presentation. The artists have ensured an artistic cachet and logistical needs by Azores 2027.

9 x 9 is an Azores 2027 organisation, promoted by Ponta Delgada City Council, and co-promoted by the Government of the Azores, in partnership with Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre, Part'Ilha – Cultural Association for Local Development, and also have the support of several agents, institutions and municipalities of the nine Azores islands.


  • Individual artists, over 18 years of age, Portuguese and international residents of Portugal’s mainland and autonomous regions. It is intended for artists from Latvia, a country that will host the European Capital of Culture event alongside Portugal in 2027. Nine artistic residencies will be awarded in total: Four artistic residencies to Azorean artists and/or residents in the Azores, four artistic residencies to Portuguese and international artists residing in mainland Portugal and Madeira and one artistic residency for a visiting artist from Latvia.
  • Literary, visual, performing arts, crafts and interdisciplinary projects, namely: literature, theatre, dance, performance, new circus, street arts, photography, sculpture, installation, painting, architecture, video and cinema.
  • We will only consider one application per candidate.


11 August > Open Call
23 August > Deadline for requests for clarification
31 August, 8 PM (AZOST, Azores time)  > Call Closing
15 September > Publication of results
30 September to 4 December > Realisation of Artist in Residency Program


The artists must indicate the island and one of the working spaces where they would like to carry out the art residency, in line with the calendar presented.

1- Flores island | September 30 - October 9

Workspace: Municipal Museum of Lajes das Flores
Description: Opened in 2013, with contemporary architecture, the Municipal Museum of Lajes das Flores offers different services, such as a computer centre, library, exhibition space and an auditorium prepared for conferences and film projection, available to artists in residence. There are small museum units in all parishes and numerous natural parks. The municipality of Santa Cruz boasts a public library, several museums and an auditorium with a cafeteria overlooking the sea. Moreover, the island of Flores is exceptionally scenic and has excellent infrastructure to receive visiting artists. Nature is a permanent source of inspiration.

2- São Miguel Island |  October 4 - 13

Workspace: Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Center
Description: Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre, located in the city of Ribeira Grande, on the island of São Miguel, is a transdisciplinary project whose ambition is the creation, production and dissemination of contemporary art. This artistic equipment intends to involve the nine islands, creating a reference to the Azorean cultural unity, activating community participation, while planning to be a "convergence point" of diverse cultures based on four geographic axes: Atlantic Islands, Americas, Europe and Africa, with a particular emphasis on Diaspora. Diversity emerges from different artistic disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, multimedia, cinema, music, architecture, design, illustration, literature and fashion. The Centre consists of a shop/bookstore, workshops, exhibition space, document archives, audio-visual production space and a black box. The artist in residence will have at their disposal the art residency room, at the entrance of the area, to work and access to the Blackbox. These conditions make the space suitable for creative professionals who want to bring to life works of visual and performance art.

3- Corvo Island | October
7 - 16

Workspace: Espaço Cultural Multiusos do Corvo
Description: Located in one of the highest points of Vila do Corvo, Espaço Cultural Multiusos do Corvo stands out in the landscape for its size and geometric contours. It is a multipurpose space, capable of housing, with dignity, the most varied artistic and cultural manifestations. The resident artist will have at their disposal a concert hall, quickly converted into an exhibition hall and several work offices, in addition to a passage area, flooded with natural light and outdoor space with great potential.

4- Santa Maria Island | October 11 - 20

Workspace: Santa Maria Centre for Business Development and Innovation Incubator, INCUBA +
Description: Located in the former General Offices of the historic Santa Maria airport, this ample space empowers entrepreneurs to assemble business ideas and scale their artisan companies while leveraging endogenous and scientific resources and technology. This project exemplifies the use and revitalisation of heritage and serves as a hub for economic and creative development on the island of Santa Maria. Divided into two zones, INCUBA+ allocates one area for offices, services and training rooms, and the other for creative industries, providing a 'fab lab' and a digital fabrication workshop. The versatile space can host promotional events, fairs and exhibitions. The artist in residence will have a workroom at their disposal as well as a ceramic atelier equipped with an oven. This workspace can enrich the creative projects of any fine artists.

5- Terceira Island | October  21 - 30

Workspace: Magma Atelier
Description: Where ideas transition from liquid to solid-state, where you can glimpse the artistic process, the creation, exhibition and sale of works by resident artists, where ideas are shared through conversations and workshops. Located in Almeida Garrett square, in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, three artists share this workspace:  Renato Costa e Silva (ceramics and sculpture), Kerstin Thomas (wood sculpture and ceramics) and Inês Arbórea (sculpture in paper and digital illustration). The space is equipped with everything that a ceramicist would need, and has a large table with ample lighting, ideal for small to medium-scale creations, not limited to ceramics.

Workspace: Oficina D'Angra
Description: It is a non-profit cultural association, headquartered at Casa do Sal, in Angra do Heroísmo, which hosts exhibitions and training activities, gatherings and events such as book and record releases, promotes small concerts and film screenings. It invests, above all, in training courses aimed at people of different age groups. It currently has a multidisciplinary team of 15 local artists, and one of its main goals is the socio-cultural and pedagogical inclusion of the community through the promotion of arts education. Oficina D'Angra is a place of experience and experimentation, a multi-purpose space offering conditions for the resident artist to work in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, design, architecture, poetry, literature, theatre, music, dance, cinema, urban art, exhibitions, releases, lectures and training.

Workspace: Sociedade Filarmónica e de Instrução Recreio dos Artistas
Description: Recreio dos Artistas was founded on the 16th of July of 1877, in Angra do Heroísmo. Since 2018, the board has been improving its technical conditions and equipment to promote artistic creation and has established partnerships with cultural associations such as Cães do Mar Theatre Company, the Cine-Clube of Terceira Island, and Burra de Milho Cultural Association, to optimise its capacity and position it as a hub for cultural creation. Thus, conditions are prime for music, theatre, dance and performance. Recreio dos Artistas opens its doors to local, regional, national and international artists. The artist-in-residence has at their disposal a stage and informal workspaces for the performing arts, cinema, music, conferences and training courses.

6- Graciosa Island | October 28 - November 6

Workspace: Graciosa Island Cultural Center
Description: Opened in August 1996 and located on Rua do Mercado in the village of Santa Cruz, the Graciosa Island Cultural Centre Is a multifunctional space that can serve as a stage for a wide range of cultural events, from exhibitions, plays, concerts or conferences. This space has a performance room that can seat 260 audience members and is customarily used for projecting films and hosting concerts and theatre performances. The upper floor comprises a meeting/exhibition room and bar. The artist will have at their disposal the stage of the auditorium, with the capacity for film projection. Indicated for artists that work in the performing arts and audio-visual.

7- São Jorge island | November 11 - 20

Workspace: Francisco de Lacerda Museum
Description: Installed in the former Marie D'Anjou canning factory, it houses the ethnographic, documentary and image collections arising from a territory with a strong rural and maritime vocation, as well as the themes of the canning industry and music, by its patron, Music Conductor Francisco de Lacerda. The Museum's modern facilities include exhibition spaces, a reservation room, a documentation centre, an auditorium and indoor and outdoor leisure areas. The resident artist will use the auditorium, the workshop, exhibition rooms, meeting room and the documentation centre.

8- Pico Island |  November 18 - 27

Workspace: MiratecArts Galeria Costa
Description: One kilometre of open-air artist space nestled between the landscape of vines, bushes and forest that inspire artists to create installations, paintings and sculptures in nature. It's a field of experimentation. It does not have electricity or drinking water, but it does have rainwater stored in cisterns. A portable toilet can be installed on-site if the artist decides to work regularly on the property. Suitable for visual artists, land art, performing artists or any artists working site-specific in a natural setting.

Workspace: Madalena's Auditorium
Description: It is one of the main cultural facilities on the island of Pico. Located in the village of Madalena, it consists of a concert hall with a large stage and a capacity of 355 seats. Outside, holds an arena capable of hosting various outdoor performing arts shows, with the Pico Mountain as a backdrop. The artist in residence will have access to this working space.

Workspace: Wine Museum
Description: Installed in a building that was once the summer mansion of the Carmelite friars, based in the city of Horta, the Wine Museum, in the village of Madalena, comprises several areas, namely the convent house of the Carmelites, the building of the stills (reception), the mill building, the lookout and vineyards and the dragon tree forest. It is part of a rich natural landscape with a privileged geographical location—the vineyard, the centuries-old dragon trees, the Pico-Faial channel, and the mountain, which gives it a poetic dimension. The artist in residence can source inspiration and performative and visual exploration, not having a particular space to work, but instead working from the architecture and specific conditions of the Wine Museum as a space.

9- Faial Island | November 25 - December 4

Workspace: Casa Memória Manuel de Arriaga
Description: It is a property from the 18th century, classified as Public Interest, where the 1st President of the Portuguese Republic lived. An integral part of the Horta Museum, this cultural facility has spaces for long-term exhibitions and film projections, temporary exhibitions, consultation of digitised documentation, library and garden. The artist will have at their disposal a multipurpose room with ample natural light, suitable for all types of performative presentations.


1) 9 x 9 - Azores Artist in Residency Pilot Program guarantees ten days for each project on each island and in the defined spaces and periods of work.

2) Each selected artist will receive a fee of €1,500 (including the current VAT rate, if applicable, and other charges). The fee will be paid at the end of each artist residency upon presentation of an invoice or green receipt by the resident artists.

3) Each artist will have at their disposal a production grant of up to €1,000. The artist must present a plan of expenses and later the corresponding proof of costs, identified with the taxpayer number of the management entity. This value, either totally or partially, is not transferable to the artistic fee. 

4) Logistical support is guaranteed for one person per artistic residency; Logistical support includes accommodation, food and transport of people and materials (if necessary).

5) Trips outside the national territory are not considered, except for the artist to be hosted from Latvia, under the agreement with Azores 2027.

6) Azorean artists or artists living in the Azores must apply for an artistic residency on an island different from the one in which they reside.

7) The workspace is provided by the various project partners on the different islands, and the guidelines of each space must be respected concerning access, working hours, safety and public health procedures.

8) Each space provides its technical rider with the existing conditions, including the material available during the residences.

9) 9 x 9 – Azores Artist in Residency Pilot Programme can whenever necessary and possible, provide other necessary material.


The art residencies focus more on the creative process than on the final product; however, the selected projects must always end with a final presentation in a format to be proposed by the artists: rehearsal/studio/open workshop or another type of presentation for the end of the work developed that aligns with the artist and the project.

Artists must also be available to develop one of the following activities with the hosting community: holding a workshop or knowledge sharing session attended by local audiences; school visits, open conversation to immerse community members into the artistic process.


1) Only applications submitted by the email info@azores2027.eu are accepted. Applications must be sent in a PDF file format that contains the following project information:

- Name of the candidate artist;
- VAT number, ID number, IBAN;
- Phone and email contacts;
- Identification of the artistic area;
- Biography (up to 750 characters without spaces);
- Links to portfolio/videos/past works;
- Project name;
- Island and period of artist residency;
- Description of project (up to 1500 characters without spaces);
- Formats and description of parallel activities in artistic residency;
- Technical and Artistic Credits;
- Production budget;
- Artists must mention their airport of departure;
- If applicable: partner entities (breakdown of the type of support);
- Declaration for data management. (download)

After application delivery, no further changes in the dossier are allowed. Requests for clarification were open until August 23rd, 6 PM. We created a FAQ section at the end of this page. Requests for clarification sent after this deadline will not be considered.


1) The selection of the proposed projects is enacted by a panel of jurors consisting of:

- 1 member of the Azores 2027 Advisory Board;
- 2 members of the Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre;
- 2 members of Part'Ilha – Cultural Association for Local Development.  

2) Proposals are evaluated and ranked based on the highest score and the following criteria, with scores from 1 to 10:

1- justification and originality of the artistic residency project; 40%
2- relation with the objectives of the 9 x 9 programme; 15%
3- adequacy of the art in residency project to the island, spaces and reception schedule; 15%
4- activities for sharing and developing audiences during the artistic residency; 10%
5- biography and previous experience of the artist; 20%

The jury evaluates proposals based on the materials presented by the candidates. The final classification of each proposal will be calculated from the total votes of each criterion.

3) The Jury reserves the right to request additional information from the proponents.

4) The results will be announced on the 15th of September by e-mail for all candidate projects and on the official pages of Ponta Delgada City Council (www.cm-pontadelgada.pt), Azores 2027 (www.azores2027.eu), Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre (http://arquipelagocentrodeartes.azores.gov.pt), Part'Ilha – Cultural Association for Local Development (http://associacaopartilha.pt).


1) The 9 x 9 - Pilot Program for Artist in Residency in the Azores implies full acceptance of this regulation;

2) By participating, the selected projects undertake to share and authorize the use of images and content in the materials and communication supports of Azores 2027 and all associated partners;

3) The projects must mention in their means of promoting support as follows: 9 x 9 - Pilot Program for Artist Residencies in the Azores - supported by Azores 2027, Ponta Delgada City Council, Government of the Azores, Arquipélago- Contemporary Arts Centre, Part'Ilha - Cultural Association for Local Development;

4) Proponents are free to make their own investments in attracting partners, sponsorship or other support for the development and production of the project;

5) The confidentiality of all data provided by applicants in their proposals is guaranteed, with the information being used only for the defined purposes;

6) Upon reception of proposals, a confirmation of receipt will be sent. The organization is not responsible for errors in dispatching or reading the application files;

7) Failure to comply with the conditions of this regulation implies the exclusion of the application and its proponents from 9 x 9 - Azores Artist in Residency Pilot Program;

8) The decision on the admission and selection of candidacies belongs to the jury, from which there will be no appeal.


1- Is it possible to make more than one application? Is it possible to apply for two islands with different projects?
Only one application per artist will be admitted, as explained in point 1 of the regulation. Each candidate can only apply for one island and with one project. 

2- Is it possible to apply as an artistic duo? Can two artists do the residency? Can the project be proposed by two people or include more than one person?
No. Applications are individual and meant for one person only.

3- If other artists or people from abroad want to participate in the art residency, supporting all expenses associated with travel, accommodation and food, can they be part of the application?
No. Applications are individual and meant for one artist only.

4- Are Portuguese artists living outside Portugal eligible to participate?
Portuguese and foreigners living in Portugal are eligible to participate in the program. In other words, all Portuguese are eligible. However, travel outside the national territory is not considered, as shown in point 4.5 of the regulation.

5- In which languages can the application be written?
The application can be written in Portuguese and English.

6- What is intended in the item “technical and artistic credits" of point 6 of the regulation?
In technical credits, the artist shall mention any services and/or materials needed to develop the artistic residency project. In artistic credits, the artist should mention the authorship of the project and, if it applies, the possible collaboration of other elements, even if they do not participate in presence in the artistic residency.

7- What should I write in parallel activities of the artistic residency?
The artist shall point out the formats of the activities that he/she proposes to develop audiences and to approach and share his work with local communities. Examples on point 5 of the regulation.

8- What should I mention in the production budget?
The artist shall mention the necessary materials and/or artistic and technical services to develop their art project, providing the estimated costs and quantities of these materials and services. Logistical support (air and ground travel, accomodation, food and local production) is supplied by the organization.

9- Considering the current pandemic situation, what are the necessary procedures to enter the Azores archipelago?
Artists shall follow the guidelines provided by the Government of the Azores in the website Destino Seguro Açores.

10- What security measures must be adopted in workspaces where art residencies take place?
Artists shall respect the current measures implemented by each workspace depending on the covid risk level verified in each island.

11- Is it possible to bring a pet?
No. It is not possible to bring a pet.

12- I am a foreigner living in Portugal but still don't have the residency permission. Can I apply to this program?
The candidate shall present their NIF (National VAT number), have a portuguese bank account, a declaration of open activity on the Portuguese Finances department, and shall present a water or electricity bill with their name and address.