HUMAN ACADEMY (HA!) is our nomadic capacity building programme open to the creative and cultural stakeholders of private and public institutions, social workers, teachers, students decision-making bodies and others around the region. HA! aims to fill up current and future needs in the broad Creative and Cultural Sectors by providing toolkits and knowledge in different formats of workshops, assemblies, or seminars—formal and informal—through four campuses:

  • People’s Campus wants to be in-between the community and its cultural services, providing tools to work on participation, volunteering, hospitality, inclusion, accessibility, activism, leadership, democracy, co-decision and co-creation, i.a. This campus is open to every member of the civil society;
  • Matter & Facts Campus wants to raise experts on the technical aspects of cultural production calling for anyone that wants to improve their working skills, including lighting/sound design, exhibition set-up, set-design, digital tools, i.a.;
  • Creative Campus supports the Creative and Cultural Sectors by developing skills in communication, audience involvement, cultural management and administration, partnerships, funds, programme design, cultural exchanges, european dimension, i.a.;
  • More-than-Human Campus focuses on the interspecies relationships and chores we must nurture in our daily and professional life. This campus includes eco-conscious planning and programming, eco-creation and production, Zero Waste, regenerative design, i.a. We are calling decision-making bodies, activists, social and environmental NGOs, creatives, the university, schools, and others.alling decision-making bodies, activists, social and environmental NGOs, creatives, the university, schools, and others.


The first edition of HA! starts in november 2022 with three distinct programmes, that will take place in Coliseu Micaelense, in Ponta Delgada. All of these courses are free and open to the community.

People's Campus:


Artistic Practices and Participation

from 6 to 9 of november
with Hugo Cruz (16h)

The first training course of the People's Campus offers possibilities to look at artistic practices with the active involvement of communities in today's cultural dynamics. From aesthetics tho ethics, we are reflecting on ways to potentiate the network between communities and stakeholders of different contexts. We will participate in culture like we participate in life!

Creative Campus:


Funding for Cultural and Creative Projects

from 10 to 12 of november
with Patrícia Romeiro (12h)

The Creative Campus opens with a course on how can the cultural and creative projects that arise in the Azores benefit from European financing. From theory to practice, we will work on projects that the participants wish to apply to funding.

More-than-Human Campus


Sustainability in the Cultural Sector

from 20 to 25 of november
with Sustain Azores (16h)

We will inaugurate the More-than-Human Campus with a course that wants to apply the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals. From measuring the impacts of our initiatives to the tools to organise more sustainable events, this training will propose action plans for the culture we want in the future.

This course will have the participation of representatives of the Tartu 2024 and Oulu 2026 European Capitals of Culture.