Cultural Strategy of Ponta Delgada 2030

The City Council of Ponta Delgada, after deliberation of the Municipal Assembly dated December 29th 2021, presents its Strategic Plan for Culture, which was developed to guide the municipality’s Cultural objectives until 2030. The municipality’s community is a transatlantic archipelago, structured in Ponta Delgada and on the island, assuming itself before the Region, the country, the European Union, the Diaspora and the world, as an important support tool for the implementation of a strategy that can be adapted according to different cycles and contexts.

The project arose along with the preparation of Ponta Delgada candidacy - Azores for the European Capital of Culture (Azores 2027), thus fostering the cooperation between both projects, achieving the goal to “convene” Culture as a development and affirmation process of these islands in the centre of the North Atlantic, while working simultaneously the dichotomy between the municipality’s urban and rural dimension.

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