Human Academy is back

Human Academy is back for a second edition that happens in January, in Ponta Delgada. We are presenting two workshops that gather different ages, interests and shapes, to promote the collaboritve spirit.

From 27 of January until 3 of February, we are inviting students from elementary school Professor Dr. Alexandre Linhares Furtado, in Fajã de Baixo, and youngsters between the ages of 16 and 25 years old to imagine how it would be "If these streets were ours...". The course is a trandisciplinary experience that lets the Carnival, Natália Correia's poetry and the surrounding landscapes in. In this space, futures, games and learning laboratories will be created, in which children will create melodies and narratives that celebrate culture and nature.

"How to collaborate with other disciplines" is the question that Artur Carvalho wants to explore. The Antero de Quental high school is hosting this workshop, from 27 to 30 of January. This workshop wants to create moments to talk, share, play and get to know the unknown. Through co-creation exercises, group dynamics and individual reflection, we will explore ways of working with different areas and how to promote transdisciplinary projects. We are trying to gather people from arts and culture, education, health, social services, economy, politics, administration, fisheries or agriculture. The training course's objectives are: learning to create a safe space, free of judgements, where there can be dialogue and the presentation of ideas that oppose or complement each other; bringing stakeholders from different fields closer; understanding/experiencing the advantages, challenges and necessities of co-creation. 

Registrations for both courses are free and can be done, until 25 of January, through the email More information about this initiative can be found here.