Sérgio Rezendes states that "Counterpostcard" represents the spirit of Azores 2027

The Councillor for Culture of the Ponta Delgada City Council, Sérgio Rezendes, said this Friday that "Counterpostcard", one of the projects of the “Hand in Hand” initiative, represents "the spirit of the candidacy for the European Capital of Culture, raising the Azores in a world of globalization and digital Era".
The Councillor was speaking on behalf of the Mayor, Pedro Nascimento Cabral, at the opening of Counterpostcard, located in Espaço da Cagarra, Rua do Mercado, which is coordinated by Nuno Malato.
Espaço da Cagarra presents itself as an "alternative” place, open to the entire population, that displays six postcard photographs from different perspectives and artists, converging towards a critical view.
With the support of Ponta Delgada City Hall and CRESAÇOR partnership, this is another project that arises under Azores 2027.
According to Sérgio Rezendes, the exhibition at Espaço da Cagarra "shows that the postcard has not disappeared, nor will it disappear. We are now in the digital era and the postcard is reinventing itself, surpassing the paper format, while keeping exactly the same purpose: to quickly deliver an exoticism-based personal message in a distant destination, that therefore makes the difference” — one of the quite remarkable characteristics of the Counterpostcard and of the European Capital of Culture.