Forces of Nature #1

The Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 bid for European Capital of Culture has launched the “Forces of Nature” photographic series, by the photographer Paulo Goulart. The aim is to show that our nature is human, by showing people that build the culture of this place.

With these images, we want to illustrate the concept of this bid: a ressignification of “Human Nature”. Here, Nature is the place and Human means its culture.

Our first Force of Nature is João Amado, self-taught visual artist and freelancer. He works on both personal and commercial projects.
He has a very close relationship with nature and believes that nature is part of his identity. In addition to the animal and plant component that he introduces in his work in terms of imagery, he believes that his work draws the greatest inspiration from the organic side - lines, movementes, textures, layers. The sense of silence and contemplation that nature offers helps his work move towards the spiritual or the encounter with the inner self.