Several public institutions congratulate Ponta Delgada - Azores Candidacy for the European Capital of Culture

The Azorean Parliament was unanimous in approving a congratulatory vote for the pre-selection of the Ponta Delgada - Azores Candidacy for the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) in 2027 as one of the four Portuguese cities shortlisted.

The text highlights a"project that goes beyond the scales of city, island and region, and that wants to explore a symbiosis between culture and nature" of the Azorean people "as an example towards a future more harmonized and plural for mankind".

It quotes the evaluation report of the jury that emphasises a programmatic concept that is "very strong, distinct, based in a true sense of place that becomes relevant for the current times. The proposed european dimension is promising and has potential to make a difference in our understanding of Europe".

The Ponta Delgada Municipality had already approved a congratulatory vote that showed that "the candidacy has taken form and is now closer to becoming a reality that may underline Ponta Delgada's position as a european city, open to the world, and the Azores as a region on the frontline of the main discussions of the contemporary world and on the implementation of public cultural policies that contribute towards social and economical cohesion".

The Government of the Azores has also considered that the selection of Ponta Delgada for the second phase of this process "confirms the quality, rigor and excellence of the Azorean candidacy, run by the Ponta Delgada Municipality and composed by a group of personalities that enlarge, and to whom the Government of the Azores thanks, recognises and congratulates for the excellent result achieved".

In 2027, Portugal and Latvia will host the ECOC. In Latvia, the city of Liepaja has already been selected. Portugal still has four cities running - Ponta Delgada, Évora, Aveiro e Braga-, that have been chosen from 12 candidates.