Ponta Delgada - Azores 2027 tours the archipelago

Starting next week, the candidacy of Ponta Delgada - Azores to European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in 2027 will resume the journey through all the islands of the archipelago.
During the scheduled meetings with the population, we will explain our mission and vision for the project, what has already been done and what is to be done, but also to invite the population to talk about topics such as the European dimension, participation and audience involvement, the intersections between heritage, tradition and innovative cultural practices and the challenges of an ECoC, as well as its solutions.
After starting this initiative in São Miguel, our team begins a tour of the other islands in neighboring Santa Maria, where a public session is scheduled for Monday, June 27th, at the Municipal Library of Vila do Porto.
The following day, the dynamic is repeated in the far west of the region, at the Municipal Museum and Auditorium of Santa Cruz das Flores, heading, on June 29, to Corvo, where we will receive the population at Santa Casa da Misericórdia.
After that, we go to the islands of the triangle, passing by Casa Manuel de Arriaga, in Faial, on the 30th of June, by the Museu dos Baleeiros, in Pico, on the 1st of July, and by the Francisco de Lacerda Museum, in São Jorge, on the 2nd of July.
We will be at the Municipal Library of Santa Cruz da Graciosa, on July 3rd, and we will end the trip on Terceira, on the 4th of July, with a session scheduled at the Academia da Juventude e das Artes.
These events are open to the entire population and always take place at 18:30.