Call for proposals launched to support cultural, social and educational microprojects

With the motto “The power to conceive. The power to propose. The power to do”, this programme aims to encourage the realisation of inspiring ideas for local communities. Each project will receive a grant of 1,500 euros.

In partnership with CRESAÇOR, the Azores 2027 - Ponta Delgada | Azores’ bid to become the European Capital of Culture 2027 launched today the pilot project Hand in Hand, to challenge people, informal groups and associations from various areas to submit small cultural, social and educational proposals.

Participants have until 31 July to submit their ideas and proposals through the Azores 2027 website to be evaluated by a jury.

One of the missions of Azores 2027 is to encourage the implementation of inspiring ideas for local communities. It is in this context that the pilot project Hand in Hand emerges. As a programme for the creation and strengthening of communities, it paves the way for leaders, coordinators, animators, artists, educators and activists to take part by creating their own grassroots initiatives that promote decentralisation, the valorisation of our narratives and equitable access to culture for different audiences.


With a budget of 13,500 euros per year, this programme will support up to nine projects, where each project will count with a grant of 1,500 euros and must be implemented by 1 January 2022

 It is worth mentioning that the projects must be implemented in the Autonomous Region under microfinance and promoted by Azorean agents. The proposals must follow one or more of the strategic lines of action: cooperation and collaboration between islands and municipalities; bringing different generations closer together; practices of inclusion, active participation and capacity-building for different communities; the relationship between culture, well-being, nature and sustainability; and, finally, new ways of telling Azorean narratives to the country, Europe and the world.

Azores 2027 joined CRESAÇOR to develop the programme Hand in Hand since this cooperative promotes Local and Community Development in the region. Furthermore, it builds upon values defended by the candidacy project of Ponta Delgada | Azores to European Capital of Culture, namely cooperation, identity, sustainability, tradition, culture and environment.