Forces of Nature #8

The Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 bid for European Capital of Culture has launched the “Forces of Nature” photographic series, by the photographer Paulo Goulart. The aim is to show that our nature is human, by showing people that build the culture of this place.

Founded in 1863, Banda Fundação Brasileira is the second oldest running philharmonic band in São Miguel. Today, it has about 50 members between the ages of 11 and 65, and there is a ‘hereditary’ side to the band since several members joined through their fathers. Culturally, being part of a philharmonic band used to be a masculine thing, but mentalities have changed, and there are a lot of girls in the band now. It was founded in the Mosteiros parish by a man who had emigrated to Brazil, where he made a fortune. Upon his arrival, besides the band, he invested in his hometown, on the western tip of Ponta Delgada Municipality, by building a bridge and two schools (one for boys and the other for girls). Banda Fundação Brasileira inaugurated its new headquarters in 2021, where they promote music, stand-up comedy and circus arts.