Proponents of 2nd edition of Hand in Hand gather to reflect over the experience

The proponents of the second edition of Hand in Hand gathered with the Ponta Delgada - Azores 2027 team and representatives of Cresaçor, last Friday, to reflect over the experience. Hand in Hand is a microfinancing programme that supported, with 1.500 euros, local cultural projects that worked with the community and had addressed social issues.
In the meeting, that happened online, each promoter had the opportunity to present the results of their work to the others. The intention was also to connect the proponents, so that they can establish potential partnerships.
In its second edition, the Hand in Hand program supported, once again, nine projects that reached the nine islands of the Açores. Two proponents dropped out of the project and were replaced by two others, according to the quantitative evaluation of the jury. As such, instead of "Impróprias e Invisíveis" and the temporary cineclub in Pico Island, we have supported "Vinyl pelos Açores 9x10", by James John Kirst III and a communitary interpretation of the Sete Cidades Tale, promoted by Solidaried'arte.
James John Kirst III has created a vinyl factory and intends to produce a record of an artist of each Azorean island. Solidaried'arte's project, on the other hand, is about reinterpreting the Tale of Sete Cidades. To do so, they are working in cooperation with five after-school programs of the Ponta Delgada municipality. Each institution will have a panel in which they must illustrate one episode of the tale. In the end, the panels should create a cartoon strip about the story with different interpretations and aesthetics.
Besides these two, the Hand in Hand project supported "MUSAzores", that studied the use of the regional banana tree as a resource for handcraft, a micro toy library with games inspired by the work of Gaspar Frutuoso, the communitary theatre show "Máscaras, Músicas e Movimento",  "Audiogramas - ilhas à escuta e suas zoeiras", a collection of the sounds of the Azores, "Azores Old and New", stories of old and new inhabitants, "Faz com as tuas próprias mãos", training sessions to building furniture, and "Azores - My Virtual Tour", a 3D experience of touristic places with low accessibility.
During the following weeks, we will present the results of each of these projects.