Hand in Hand 2nd edition: Audiogramas - ilhas à escuta e suas zoeiras

In the coming weeks, we will be showing the results of the ideas selected in the second edition of Hand in Hand, a microfinancing program for community projects promoted by Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 in partnership with Cresaçor – Solidarity Economy Cooperative.
"Audiogramas - ilhas à escuta e suas zoeiras" is the proposal by Gustavo Fernandes, which aims to compile "sound records of the multiple elements that make up the Azores' varied soundscapes. Whether these sounds are of natural, biological or human origin".
There are currently around 70 recordings that have been captured and catalogued on the islands of Corvo, Faial and Terceira.
The records are available in a structured way on this digital platform, that also allows for anyone to contribute with their own records obtained in our archipelago. This initiative also promoted sound workshops with schoolchildren.

Below, you can find a video where the promoter explains the project. This video was taken from a meeting between the participants of the second edition of Hand in Hand.