Hand in Hand 2nd edition: MUSA AZORES

In the coming weeks, we will be showing the results of the ideas selected in the second edition of Hand in Hand, a microfinancing program for community projects promoted by Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 in partnership with Cresaçor – Solidarity Economy Cooperative.

The MUSA AZORES project, promoted by António Braga, Elga Martin and Vanessa Melo, looks at Musa acuminata Colla, the regional banana tree, as a sustainable resource, from which handcraft pieces may be created. To get to that point, the promoters embarked in a research process. Its results were shared with the community, through workshops, and can be found in a book, that is available here in PDF.

Below, you can find a video where the promoter explains the project. This video was taken from a meeting between the participants of the second edition of Hand in Hand.