Hand in Hand 2nd edition: Azores Old and New

In the coming weeks, we will be showing the results of the ideas selected in the second edition of Hand in Hand, a microfinancing program for community projects promoted by Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 in partnership with Cresaçor – Solidarity Economy Cooperative.
Azores Old and New is a project by the English journalist and writer Kathleen McCaul Moura, who has recently moved to the Azores with her husband and their four children.
With this website, she intends to tell the stories of new and old residents, showing how the heritage and traditional practices are preserved or reinvented by those who live in the islands.
Old neighbours, old and new protagonists in the art of making bread and stories about surf are already available, but every week there is a new story to find in the website.
In the process of gathering the testimonies, she was accompanied by the moldovan photographer Vladmir Secrii, who is himself a new resident. You can find bellow small video where the author describes. This video is a clip of the meeting that gathered all participants of the Hand in Hand project.