Hand in Hand 2nd edition: Vinyl pelos Azores 9x10

This week we will be showing the results of the final three ideas selected in the second edition of Hand in Hand, a microfinancing program for community projects promoted by Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 in partnership with Cresaçor – Solidarity Economy Cooperative.
Vinyl pelos Azores 9x10 is one of the projects selected in december, after two of the original proponents decided not to go ahead with their ideas.
With this project, James Kirst intended to create vinyl records for up to 9 Azorean musicians, from each island. He was able to partner with Bruno da Rosa, from Pico, BekaWak, from Terceira, and Sir.Kasmo and Mister Saint George, both from São Miguel. He is also launching a website where artists will be able to sell their records. He plans to create an annual vinyl compilation of music from the Azores, to be made available for sale to the public.
Below, you can find a video where the promoter explains this project. This video was taken from a meeting between all the participants of the second edition of Hand in Hand.