9x9: Azores 2027 launches an Artist in Residency Pilot Program

9 X 9: Azores 2027 launches call for art residencies throughout the archipelago

9 artists will be selected to be in residence for 10 days on an Azorean island

Azores 2027 – the candidacy of Ponta Delgada | Azores to European Capital of Culture, in partnership with the Arquipelago - Contemporary Arts Center and Part'ilha- Cultural Association for Local Development, created a pilot program of art residencies that will take place in all the islands of the Azores, between September 30th and December 4th of this year. Applications open until August 31st.

The open call “9x9 - Artists are Islands, Islands are Artists”, which also involves various institutions and agents from the nine islands of the archipelago, is aimed at Portuguese and foreign artists living in mainland Portugal and autonomous regions, and also to artists from Latvia, a country which, with Portugal, will host in 2027 the European Capital of Culture event.

This pilot program of art residencies of the Azores focuses on research and artistic processes and foresees moments of audience development and community awareness for the arts. One of the main objectives is encouraging direct participation, whether through conversations, workshops, school visits or other formats proposed by the artists in residence.

Nine (9) projects will be selected from nine (9) individual artists who will be entitled to 10 days of artistic residency on an Azorean island. The results will be known on September 15th. 

Each selected artist will receive a fee of 1500€ (including the current VAT rate, if applicable, and other charges) and will also have at their disposal a production grant of up to 1000€, and will have logistical support that includes accommodation, food and transport.


The question What does each island gain from the presence of an artist? was the motto to identify how the development of artistic and cultural projects can transform a place.

This call is as an invitation to artists interested in collaborating with local communities, acting as facilitators of experiences and artistic objects, around common goals, namely the displacement of the art experience to the streets, business or nature, or occupation of abandoned places.

Addressing important and contemporary European issues such as the active participation of communities in creative processes, isolation (loneliness), desertification of islands, migration due to lack of work opportunities, population aging, awakening and activating material and immaterial heritage and the creation of bridges between tradition and contemporaneity are also valued themes.

Artists can apply to develop projects in literary, visual, performing arts and interdisciplinary crossovers, namely: literature, theater, dance, music, performance, new circus, street art, photography, sculpture, installation, painting, architecture, video and film.

The regulation of the call can be found on the Azores 2027 page, at

9x9 is an Azores 2027 - the candidacy of Ponta Delgada | Azores for European Capital of Culture, promoted by the City Council of Ponta Delgada, co-promoted by the Government of the Azores, in partnership with Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Centre, Part'ilha - Association for Culture and Local Development, and with the support of several agents, institutions and municipalities of the Azores archipelago.