Forces of Nature #9

The Ponta Delgada – Azores 2027 bid for European Capital of Culture has launched the “Forces of Nature” photographic series, by the photographer Paulo Goulart. The aim is to show that our nature is human, by showing people that build the culture of this place.
Paulle Melle is currently a waiter but hopes to become an actor and visual artist who explores mainly the idea of growth and the dualities of life. Paulle is in constant exploration and construction of the self and goes beyond gender, sexual orientation, and pronouns. What really matters is that people approach Paulle with an open mind, heart, and spirit.
Nature’s constant change is an inspiration for how Paulle lives and works, with an emphasis on roots, growth, and transposition.
Paulle likes to think of themselves as a big three he knows by the sea, on a busy street next to a cliff that survives and grows despite the adversities it faces.